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Get Rid of Herpes-Simplex 1 and 2 FOREVER!!!

African American Gay Men’s Health Initiative













Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a new HIV prevention approach where HIV-negative individuals use anti-HIV medications to reduce their risk of becoming infected if they are exposed to the virus. It is an additional tool for people to consider in the HIV prevention toolbox. 




Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) involves taking anti-HIV medications as soon as possible after you may have been exposed to HIV to try to reduce the chance of becoming HIV positive. These medications keep HIV from making copies of itself and spreading through your body.

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There are two types of PEP:
 (sometimes called “oPEP”), taken when someone working in a healthcare setting is potentially exposed to material infected with HIV, and
 (sometimes called “nPEP”), taken when someone is potentially exposed to HIV outside the workplace (e.g., from sexual assault, or during episodes of unprotected sex or needle-sharing injection drug use).


To be effective, PEP must begin within 72 hours of exposure, before the virus has time to make too many copies of itself in your body. PEP consists of 2-3 antiretroviral medications and should be taken for 28 days. Your doctor will determine what treatment is right for you based on how you were exposed to HIV. PEP is safe but may cause side effects like nausea in some people. These side effects can be treated and are not life threatening. PEP is not 100% effective; it does not guarantee that someone exposed to HIV will not become infected with HIV.

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Stand Strong Against Hate – Legal Protection for Gay Black and Latino Men

Please Help Raise Funds to Battle Harassment and Violence Against Gay Black and Latino Men Worldwide
Over the past 10 months @ we have Endured Countless Threats of Violence, Discrimination, and Harassment. These have come from Inside and Outside the Gay Community. We have encountered many individuals who hate themselves and want others to share their misery. Our Company Has Decided to Fight Back and Hire Legal Counsel and Private Investigators to Defend Us and Persecute Those Who Seek to Destroy Gay Black and Latino Men. Please, Donate @ Least $1.00 or More to Defeat these Negative Elements that Plague us.
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1 Powerful Way To Reverse Diabetes

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Addiction Treatment Centers



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Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Medicaid

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The Benefits of Drug Rehab

If you are struggling with addiction or substance abuse of any kind, you know how difficult it can be to stop this cycle even with the best intentions of doing so. If you have a loved one who is caught in the cycle of addiction, it can seem like the most hopeless situation which can destroy relationships and families to the core. It is difficult for loved ones and friends to not only feel as though there is nothing they can do to help someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol, but to find themselves caught up in this destructive lifestyle as well by becoming an enabler in some capacity. This very often happens out of love and concern for their loved one who they may feel has turned into a person they don’t even know anymore. Enabling, knowingly or not, pulls the well intended into the vicious cycle of addiction and they too begin to see their lives fall apart. No one wants this, even the person who is abusing drugs and alcohol, but there is usually no end in sight to the destruction that addiction can and will cause unless they receive effective help. Drug rehab is the only viable and proven the answer, and it is usually the efforts of concerned and loving family members and friends that come together to make sure their loved one gets the help they need in an effective drug rehab.


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Gays and Lesbians in Alcoholics Anonymous




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